At LINQM we mark our reputation by our client’s success. Our drive and motivation is rooted by the quality we provide to our clients by linqing them with exceptional talent. Here is what our clients have to say about us.

“Aaron and Linqm continue to be of great value to me and my organization. Having access to such a tremendously knowledgeable & resourceful individual means you'll have the peace of mind knowing they'll deliver only the best.  Aaron always carries himself professionally and works efficiently with our time to provide solutions and answers to our questions. We’ve yet to stump him. We highly recommend using Aaron and Linqm for their recruiting and hiring expertise.”
- Chris, President/CEO of Finance/Services Company

“It's very rare to come across a recruiter that actually takes the time to make sure both the company, and candidate are happy with the new placement AFTER it's all said and done. Aaron is truly one of a kind in his field, and recommend him without hesitation to anyone lucky enough to catch his attention and get on his radar!”
- Mark, Marketing Analytics/Technology Consultant

“I partnered with Aaron and the Linqm team while working for a technology start-up. The nature of our environment was extremely fast paced, constantly changing and always demanding. Linqm did an excellent job dealing (at times) with ambiguity when our process would change and always stayed the course. Our relationship was successful due to constant communication and collaboration you would expect from a partner. I would highly recommend the Linqm team to any Hiring Managers and/or candidates if you're looking for a partner who knows and understands the corporate landscape at a local and national level and truly cares about providing exceptional results.”
- Brian, Sr. Technical Recruiter tt

“When Linqm reached out to me, I was surprised. They were very professional but what really stood out to me was their personal touch in working with me. They were not pushy or robotic like your typical recruiting firms -- they took their time. And I had the feeling that they were different and that they would go the extra mile to make sure candidates such as myself secure career opportunities that fit my needs. Because of that, I knew Linqm was going to take care of me when the time was right and they did. 
I never met an organization that was so attentive to details with strong follow through. They are great listeners and know prospective opportunities well enough to answer many initial questions. I strongly recommend going with Linqm as a candidate.”

- Jerald, Product Management Leader

“I have worked with Aaron on several different occasions, each time he shows a level of service and value that rivals only the best. He has always displayed a tenacious mentality and his leadership ability only comes natural. I highly recommend his work and production to any person or client now and in the future.”
- Niko, National Accounts Delivery

“I am overjoyed to write my first recommendation about the man who completely changed the way I think about social media and job hunting in general. He provided quite possibly the most beneficial meeting of my life. 
In just 1.5 hours, he helped me re-craft my digital persona on LinkedIn and bolster my network immeasurably. Within 24 hours, I had a job offer and two requests for freelance work. 
If you want real results, you want to go to the top-tier expert in the field. That's exactly who Aaron is as a recruiter, and I couldn't be more thankful for his help. I'd recommend him to anyone: colleagues, family, friends. If he can do for them just 1/10 of what he's done for me, it would be well worth it.”

- Ryan Digital Marketing Executive

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